I am Shirley McShane, an 18-year veteran of the newspaper industry.

I think of myself as an analog soul operating in a digital universe.

I’m analog because I appreciate the parts that make up the whole. I respect proven practices.  I’m analog because I hold dear everything about the newspaper world: the smell and feel of freshly inked newsprint, the din of a newsroom full of writers pounding the keyboards, the messy desks and quirky personalities behind them, and the race to beat the nightly deadline.

While I am no longer a part of that world, many of its elements remain a part of me:

  • I have an unquenchable thirst for information.
  • I enjoy observing and documenting the world around me.
  • I want to hear your story.
  • I’m detail-oriented.
  • I enjoy the challenge of taking bits and pieces of information and assembling them into an informative, cohesive whole.

The digital world has changed how we distribute and receive information. The news business is in metamorphosis. Where it will settle is an unknown at this point. Along the way, we need to balance proven practices with use of new technology.  Old forms of communication cannot compete with the immediacy of the Internet. However, a Web site or a social media platform still benefits from good writing, careful editing, and clear communication. The analog newspaper may disappear but the core principles behind news gathering and distribution will live on in the digital universe.

Let’s keep the analog standards alive in the growing digital world.

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